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Teleflora is a floral wire service company which brokers orders to local florists for delivery. It has been a subsidiary of The Wonderful Company since 1979.


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Former Employee - Customer Service Agent WAH says

"Low pay, slow system, always crashing, not pulling up the storefront half of the time, store owners not updating their storefront, management wanted us to lie to customers and tell them that we work for the actual shop, shops not delivering on time, no way to contact shop directly to resolve a problem quickly and could only send a message to contact customer, very angry customers when told they couldn't get same day delivery on holidays such as Valentine's Day, shops website would offer a discount but we couldn't deduct it if ordering over the phone, terrible communication, not enough training, they just threw us to the wolves during their busy season, assignment ended one week earlier than was discussed."

Manager of Sales (Former Employee) says

"Teleflora is losing florists daily and they have outsourced their customer service to the Philippines. Was once a great company to work for but they are trying everything to cut costs and stay open. Would not recommend.Healthcare, Compensation, Work/Life Balance, Management"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The team environment was incredibly negative due to frequent firings and turnover. If you don't work every waking hour, you are considered a slacker. Also, no matter how many hours you work overtime, don't expect to see a penny of it. Management has no clue what they want from employees and provides very vague details of what they expect. When you don't supply exactly what they had in mind (the vision of which was not communicated), you are made to feel incompetent.good benefitslong hours, no overtime pay, negative company culture, poor management"

Jardineiro (Former Employee) says

"Trabalho duro e não remonerado em conformidade desrespeito pelos direitos dos funcionários"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Told me I was going to get paid a certain amount and when I got my first paycheck it wasn't what I signed for. It was minimum wage instead so I quit. The training is horrible also. Use to work there over 14 years ago and got paid more then.nonePay, Training"

Customer Service and Sales (Former Employee) says

"Taking calls and selling Learned that if you do not have connections within the company, you will lose your job. Allot of gossiping and dishonesty. Management is not fair and self involved Co-workers are not controlled if they are friends with management. The hardest part is the management and HR. No one to help you. The most enjoyable part is going home at the end of the day."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"the training was horrible. none of us knew what we were supposed to be doing. they were supposed to work around my schedule but scheduled me to work on school days anyway and threatened to fire me if i didnt come in. so i leftfun peoplebad job. hateful schedule lady."

CS for Members (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and the perks. Management help keep the stress level to a minimum. Then the " Workforce/Realtime" group was created. The Director and Manager of that dept are tyrants to put it nicely. It has become all about the bottom dollar and quantity not quality. Three times in two weeks I showed up for my scheduled shift only to be told I wasn't needed and to leave (MTO) for the day. We were told what days were available for vacation and if you didn't get your request in you lost out. We were pulled from our jobs to do jobs we were not trained on and I cannot stress the micromanagement. If your computer went down and you had to reboot you are pointed because you are not available for a call. Completely out of your control yet you are pointed. I watched long term employees throw their hands up and leave for other opportunities. I worked there four years and have got to say that in those four years I watched the company plummet in terms of good positive morale. A couple of managers tried desperately to keep morale up. They showed caring and understanding but their hands were tied to the point they themselves lost positive morale. I heard someone say 10 yrs ago they had a 30+k membership base, when I left it was just over 11 and dropping. Used to be the "it" place for employment, now it's the "stay away at all costs . Your a warm body in a seat, not an employee. Extremely sad.BenefitsClueless non caring management, Restricted time off, Penalties applied on things out of your control."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"Great people who work there with the exception of the leadership team. Product overall is obsolete and it is thus simply a profit game and it is simply by charging the florists more and more for something they really don't need.Employees, benefits, offices filled with amazing artworkEverything else: culture, president, product"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Constant state of churn. Leadership is more concerned about positioning/advancing their own careers than the success of customers or employees. Priorities are focused on squeezing profits/service fees from every customer over servicing the needs of the customer and helping them succeed.Secure facility.Direction, lack of goals oriented to service customers."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They will say one thing then do another, they don't care bout the bad weather they will still make you come in, the pay isn't so good, the people you work wit are rude at times, and some of the people who call in are jus down rite rude, even if its not your fault"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"That's about it. You can't really advance in the company and the pay isn't very competitive. It use to be fun in the past but anymore there is too much gossip and drama and the numbers are stressful when you have management breathing down your neck all the time."

Human Resources Generalist (Former Employee) says

"Great fringe benefits like a gym and trainer, but upper management does not care to develop individuals. Work life balance is very difficult to achieve.Gym, trainer, nice people, good vacationWork life balance not existent, upper management not supportive"

Real Time Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It is a fun place to work. However, with that being said, they are also very unfair. They bring people in to work a week at a time, and I was currently "laid off" after working there consecutively for 90 days, for requesting time off for my birthday. I would never go back again."

Customer Service Reprensentative (Former Employee) says

"My employment with Teleflora was terrible to say the least. I was a seasonal/long-term EC agent, and I was in charge of reading e-mails the customers sent us, which tended to have either complaints or order changes, and then taking the proper steps to insure customer satisfaction with their order. While training was provided, the training was rather vague, as I ran into various numbers of problems after the short (3-day) training course ended. The atmosphere in which I worked was very sordid and dreary. The lighting was very poor, as the energy system was motion-activated, which meant that a certain area of lights would shut off if there was very little movement. There was very little color in the atmosphere and I worked in a 2-person cubicle. I sat at a computer for 40 hours a week, on top of my online education I was receiving at home. I was given two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch break. The problems were proving to be stressful, so I eventually left.two breaks and a lunchpoor atmosphere, client response, and training"

jardineiro (Current Employee) says

"corte de relva,mondas regar,limpeza de canteiro,recolha de lixo. espirito de equipa bom relacionamento interpessoal. parte mais dificil é recolha de lixo,a parte mais agradável é comunicação entre colegas."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you love helping people and don't need health insurance, this is the place you are looking for. Could take up to 4 years to become a core employee. NO BENEFITS UNTIL THAT TIME."

Email Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Dated processes lack for an overall lack of productivity and innovation. There is also a lack of accountability and an overwhelming amount of red tape when attempting to make advances. Budget is a major issue. Super corporate environment."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The politics of the upper management and on into corporate are completely and entirely stupid. They are running that place into the ground, from what I’m hearing from friends that still work there. In all honesty, most people leave within two weeks, and the people who stay have to put up with an immense amount of stupidity. I wouldn’t recommend it.A paycheckPolitics drive you crazy"

Customer Service Represenative (Current Employee) says

"For such a large company, the pay is well below poverty level. Besides department management, the co-workers have positive attitudes, and are good to work with. Feeling appreciated as an employee, I feel, is very important, and helps for better employee performance. Sadly, management finds it easier to point out the employee's shortcomings, rather than praise them on a job well done. A typical day at work is rather stressful, considering the supervisors are right down your throat first thing in the morning, as well as sending demanding emails throughout the day. Everything else aside, I have learned more than just customer service skills, but also people benefitspoor management, bad pay"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"For such a large company, the pay is well below poverty level. Besides department management, the co-workers have positive attitudes, and are good to work with. Feeling appreciated as an employee, I feel, is very important, and helps for better employee performance. Sadly, management finds it easier to point out the employee's shortcomings, rather than praise them on a job well done. A typical day at work is rather stressful, considering the supervisors are right down your throat first thing in the morning, as well as sending demanding emails throughout the day. Everything else aside, I have learned more than just customer service skills, but also people skills.excellent employee health benefitshorrible pay, very stressful work atmosphere, poor department management"

Vonnie Estes says

"O stars. Took my order and my money for 89 mothers birthday on sat delivery. Then called and said they couldn’t deliver on weekend. Then called and said couldn’t delivery on Monday. No apologies or compensation. Don’t use. Horrible"

Annie Ringuette says

"I recently ordered Morning Melody but delivered a totally different flower arrangement, not even close. I called and complained and got a credit of $14.00 which will go towards my next order. The thing is I will never buy again with Teleflora, a totally a scam flower shop. Save your money folks and go somewhere else. Also, I paid $76.00US for this ugly arrangements."

Iman says

"Abosulte worst experience with this company. I had to do an international service as I was ordering from Canada to the US. However, they never contacted me that there was an issue and didn’t deliver on the day I had asked. On top of that the customer service is nice but they can’t do anything as they couldn’t even reach the shop! There is no communication to the shop doing the orders. Sad and a waste of money!!!"

Christopher J says

"The "deluxe" red and white rose bouquet I ordered and what arrived were two totally different flowers. What was received was 3 pink, 3 orange, and 3 yellow wilted roses. A $50 waste of money Use something else, grocery store flowers are a third of the price and look better. UPDATE: To teleflora reply. I already contacted customer service, thank you and all they did was credit me $12. Keep it."

Ms Dallas says

"I ordered a beautiful Christmas Bouquet, that was called Christmas Wishes Centerpiece, it would've looked great on my sisters dinning room table. What she got was, daisies, a couple of roses, etc, in a vase. Far from Christmas, MORE like a Spring Bouquet. I called Teleflora and talked to a gentlemen that I Thought was a higher up in the company. He said he was very sorry, credit my account, [ not yet ] and send my sister a BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET. The end of December, I get a call and they didn't have what the higher up ordered. Now, it's January 12th and they delivered a nice bouquet, but you could buy one like it at a grocery store and save money. 1/2 the bouquet, that I can see in the pic, had 1 rose, carnations, DAISIES, AGAIN, and whatever flower their called. I finally got the florist number, to find what they were going to deliver and explained, I have cancer and Not sure I would be here for the next Christmas, she said, oh no, sorry etc and said the other florist just left to deliver them. Had she Known she would've made it Very Special. It's pretty, small, and not what I expected a higher up would order for a friend, family member, or holiday. I've Never Sent my sister flowers, so This, To ME, was Very Very Special Time. It took Teleflora 2 point 2 .. to muck it up."

Sabin Dumitrescu says

"Nothing like the picture on their website. Very small bouquet delivered compared to the 14” wide bouquet listed on their website. Use a different flower service"

LadyinLondon says

"I would expect a flower delivery service to deliver flowers which they failed to do. No explanation. A week after the flowers were due to be delivered they simply cancelled the order. Certainly not a service to use if you need something delivered for a special occasion"

Gerry McLaughlin O'Dowd says

"I used telaflora for the first time. It was my sisters 60th birthday and I had the deluxe Victorian romance arrangement sent. I spent over $100 and what she got was NOT what was pictured. It was hideous. The roses were white not cream and were fully bloomed so they will not last. There was so much messy greenery it looked like weeds and I have no idea what purple flowers they used but they were NOT the flowers pictured. This arrangement looked like a 2 yr old did it not a florist. This was a special occasion and I am so upset and embarrassed of what she received! It looked sloppy and cheap! NOT WORTH THE $105 I SPENT! I will NEVER use them again."

April Dawn Cripps says

"My sister ordered me flowers and paid extra to have them delivered yesterday while I am in medical recovery. She received a message that the flowers were prepared and en route for delivery yesterday. Nothing ever received. Now she is having problems with this company. I suggested she dispute the amount with her credit card company. And assured her it was the thought that counted. I feel bad that she feels so bad. This company should not be trusted!"

Julie Lee says

"I ordered the Enchanted Cottage arrangement for a funeral. It was delivered on time but did not look anything like the photo. It was suppose to have 12 white roses, accented with purple flowers. They received an order that had 4 roses with long red flowers, babies breath and a ton of fill in greenery which all barely filled the vase. I called customer service and was offered 35% off and had to ask/ argue for at least 50% refunded. No apology that the arrangement was inappropriate for a funeral with red flowers and filled with babies breath and greenery, which is so cheap. This was no where near the original cost of 50.00 nor was it worth 25.00. Plus the 17.00 service fee. I could have gotten a nicer arrangement at the grocery store. Mistakes happen, I understand that, but how it is handled goes a long way. Another appropriate arrangement should have been sent out, especially for a funeral or a full refund. Very disappointing."

Geralyn says

"As a first time customer all I can say is HORRIBLE customer service. I placed an order to have two SYMPATHY flowers delivered to my aunt’s house after her passing and then I get an email that there was an error and that it could not be delivered and would have to be delivered the next day. I thought fine, why not it’s just another day.. nope. I come to find out only ONE of my sympathy flowers got delivered and the other one was cancelled but I was never notified!! I was only able to find out that only one got delivered after I spoke with the florist. I had to call Teleflora and was on hold for 30mins before I was able to speak to someone who the couldn’t tell me why they canceled my order because all it said on their end was “under suspicion error” and there was nothing they could do but transfer me to another department that wasnt answering their transfer call at 4pm.. Tell me how one of my flowers can get delivered and the other one gets randomly cancelled if they are going to the same place and was on the same order/credit card?! Now today I finally spoke to the department that could tell me why they cancelled my order in the first place but it was the rudest customer service lady who clearly didn’t care about all the hoops I just went through just to order sympathy flowers!! She said my order was “suspicious” and in order for her to process my order again I had to give her ALL my personal info again and she had to call my bank otherwise she was not going to process it. Her customer service was horrible and instead of sympathizing for the delay or offering any type of amends it felt like she was questioning ME. Save yourself the hassle and try somewhere else or local!! They obviously do not care about the customers!"

katie golden says

"I ordered a retirement bouquet through Teleflora (my CC had a rebate if I used the deal on their website), so I did not have any idea which florist they would use. I assumed it would be a reputable one. I ordered almost $100 worth of flowers for a retirement party. Flowers never showed up, even though I paid extra to have them delivered before a certain time (before 1pm). At 1:30, I called and asked Teleflora to cancel the order, because the retiree had already gone home, and that was her last day working there. Teleflora said they could not cancel the order until they spoke with the flower shop to confirm the order was not delivered. I asked who the flower shop was, and Teleflora said they could not disclose that information. About 10pm (supposed to have been delivered before 1pm) the flowers were delivered. The note on the card has all of the flower shops info on it, so I know that it was Bonsai Flower shop even though the website is not an actual website, and the phone number has been disconnected. The flower shop still will not answer the phone (I don't know if Teleflora has a different number they're trying to call) and Teleflora will not issue a refund until they speak with them. Teleflora could care less about their customers. They were very quick to take my money, but still cannot tell me if or when they will be able to issue a refund. By the way, nowhere on the entire flower arrangement or card says Teleflora, which was pretty surprising. You'd think if It is Teleflora taking my money, then they would want their name somewhere on the product."

Camille Larson says

"ordered flowers for delivery on 1-2-2020 they did not delivery called customer svervice rescheduled delivery on 1-4-21 my sister did not receive her birthday flowers called customer service they did not reply called customer service the next day talked to laura the supervisor asked for credit or redelivery she refused both horrible service will not use again"

Jewie Tryon says

"Ordered Flowers to be delivered today and NO flowers. Had to call customer service since it was after 7 pm and that has been a HOLD for half an hour now. Horrible delivery and wish I would have read the other reviews FIRST. Apparently delivery is not at all good or on time. Will not order again. So upset."

Ruby Sison says

"Delivered wrong arrangement. Ordered the birds of paradise arrangement nut delivered a vased flowers. Not worth for the price I paid for. Called customer service before completing the purchased and i was assured that my pick will be delivered. So frustrating. Stop fooling your customers. Done w/ur store! Very unsat!!!!"

Adrienne says

"First time and the last time I will use Telaflora. My sister was having a few friends in a safe responsible manner for New Years Eve and since I couldn't be there I wanted to send a beautiful centerpiece to represent my fondness for the group. I received a confirmation that the flowers would be delivered on 12/31 and as I write this review the flowers have yet to arrive. So disappointed, would suggest when you're out of state to use 1-800-FLOWERS, you'll have a much better chance at getting them when promised. They did offer a 50% refund but that doesn't rectify the situation, still disappointed. I am now changing this to -1, the end of this story is that on January 5th I was called by a Teleflora rep to ask if I would pick a different arrangement because they did not have any tulips. They advertised a beautiful New Years arrangement with white tulips, which are my favorite, with Pine, which is representative of South Carolina. It would have been perfect on New Years eve, on New Years Day but on the 5th to say they had no tulips is outrageous. It's tulip season and Teleflora can not find a tulip within 15 miles of Charleston. OUTRAGEOUS!"

Fatjola Hyska says


Katherine Bridgeman says

"I ordered flowers for my sister's 50th birthday. It was a big deal due to a strained relationship between us as well. I fell in love with the "jumping for Joy" bouquet online and ordered it for her. She sent me a thank you text that included a picture. The bouquet was a sad and dismal attempt at replicating the bouquet I saw on the website and ordered. It also looked a bit ragged and run over. Very disappointed."

Patricia O'Loughlin says

"I ordered a dish garden (sympathy basket). The ordering process was fine, but the product delivered was not what I ordered & was disappointing. I understand substitutions can be necessary, but I would expect them to be of similar quality (& category of plants). I contacted Teleflora about my dissatisfaction & got a "sorry you were disappointed" but nothing more. They didn't ask questions or request photos (which I could have provided). No option given for a remedy other than writing back, which I did. I stated clearly that I paid for a better quality item vs what was delivered. I've gotten no response to the 2nd inquiry. I don't agree that the need for substitutions is a valid excuse to deliver cheaper items. I'm really surprised that Teleflora's customer service didn't do anything constructive after I informed them of the issue. For those reasons, I will not order from them again."

Eva Green says

"Exquisite you're doing tremendous, I even advised my neighbor and he used a provider for himself."

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